Trap Rod

Log Home Backer Rod and Trap Rod are great for filling the gaps between your log home before applying chinking and other sealing products.  We developed an inexpensive, yet effective "backing", commonly referred to as log home "Backer Rod".  Backer Rod is an extruded, chemically inert, closed cell polyethylene "rope" designed to effectively fill in the gaps between logs prior to the application of Perma-Chink or Energy Seal.

Backer Rod is flexible and compressible; it conforms to the irregularities in the log surface.  It's primary function is recognized as a median between the log gap and the chinking.  Select the proper Backer Rod that fits flush with the logs.

For example, 1/2” backer rod should be used if your finished chinking application it to be approximately 1" wide (for a 6" thick round log). Place the rod in the joint.  Be sure the edges are flush with the log surface.

Trap Rod fills in the gaps on all around log homes where an elastomeric chinking is used.  Trap Rod reduces the amount of Perma-Chink needed to effectively seal the gaps between logs.  Perma-Chink will not adhere to the Trap Rod, only to the logs.

Normal use of Trap Rod (also referred to as Grip Strip) requires minimal adhesives and /or stapling to keep the rod in place.

Snugly fit the Trap Rod into the gap with the narrow side in.  When spacing permits, apply Trap Rod around jams or joints of windows, doors and soffits.

Before you install Trap Rod or Backer Rod make sure gap is free of moisture and foreign material.  Directly place it into the gap using a blunt tool, face roller or the tips of your fingers.

Apply Perma-Chink over Trap Rod or Backer Rod according to manufacturer's instructions.

Grip Strip is a closed-cell product. Under normal use, it will not cause outgassing.  It's unique design provides an excellent fit and surface within the chink joint. This results in a savings in material used.


  • Repels moisture - most open-cell products absorb
  • Provides a firm chinking surface
  • Compatible with all commercially available chinking
  • Compresses to fit a wide variety of log surfaces
  • Can be used on exterior or interior surfaces
  • Available in box or by 4 piece


Grip-Strip is used prior to chinking


Trap Rod and Backer Rod Price List and Payment Information below

Trap Rod and Backer Rod

Features And Statistics

An extruded, chemically inert, closed-cell backer designed to provide a backing
for the application of Perma-Chink and Energy Seal.

  • Closed cell
  • Trapezoid or round
  • Increases R value
  • Cuts material costs considerably
  • Extruded, chemically inert
    Shelf Life        
  • N/A
Application Temperature
  • N/A
Application Methods
  • Staples
  • Nails
  • Place backing so that you are working on a vertical, flat surface.
  • Once
Special Instructions
  • Round rod should always be cut in half.


Round Backing Rod
Prices Effective March 1, 2014
Also available by the foot-Call for details
Larger Sizes available by special order
Size Box Price ($)
1/4 inch 6400 feet $226.25
1/4 inch round backing rod
3/8 inch 3600 feet $177.50

1/2 inch 2500 feet $176.25

5/8 inch 1550 feet $162.50

3/4 inch 1100 feet $153.75

1 inch 550 feet $137.50

Round Backing Rod
Size Unit Price ($)
1/4 inch 2500 feet $123.75

3/8 inch 1400 feet $ 96.25

1/2 inch 800 feet $88.75

5/8 inch
550 feet

3/4 inch
400 feet

Prices Effective March 1, 2014
Size Box Price ($)
3/4 inch 1200 feet 191.25

1 inch 960 feet 199.98

1 1/4 inch 600 feet 203.74

1 1/2 inch 460 feet 198.74

2 inch 360 feet 202.25

3 inch 200 feet 219.62

4 inch 144 feet 218.13

5 inch 120 feet 222.52

6 inch 96 feet 222.52

Size Unit Price ($)
3/4 inch 300 pcs.  per box .96 per 4 ft. pc.

1 inch 240 pcs per box 1.25 per 4 ft. pc

1 1/4 inch 150 pcs per box 2.04 per 4 ft. pc

1 1/2 inch 115 pcs per box 2.59 per 4 ft. pc

2 inch 90 pcs 3.37 per 4 ft. pc

3 inch 50 pcs per box 6.59 per 4 ft. pc

4 inch 36 pcs per box 9.09 per 4 ft. piece

5 inch 30 pcs per box 11.13 per 4 ft. piece

6 inch 30 pcs per box 13.91 per 4 ft. piece

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Prices effective March 1, 2014.  

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