Step 1

Wood ReNew - is an excellent surface preparation prior to staining or restaining, preserving or sealing.
Wood ReNew works well on logs, decks, fences and cedar shakes.

Wood ReNew is a concentrated powder that is mixed with water and applied to wood. It removes stains and discoloration caused by dirt, mildew, and mold-renewing the natural beauty of wood.

Apply solution liberally with sprayer, brush or mop from bottom up. Allow solution to work for ten minutes, keeping the surface wet with additional amounts of solution. When necessary, use a medium bristle scrub brush or stiff broom to help clean surface. Rinse thoroughly from top down with water hose or pressure washer. Heavily discolored areas may require additional treatments. When application and rinsing of product has been completed, rinse any shrubbery, plants and landscaping areas that have had exposure to product.

Oxcon - lightens and brightens wood surfaces prior to using natural finishes or semi-transparent stains. For use on Exterior and Interior logs, decks, railings and fences.

Oxcon may be applied with a sprayer, roller, brush or broom. Use liberal amounts (a flowing coat) over a specific area. Do not spot-treat since this method of application could cause blotching. Let the solution sit on the surface for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water. Apply from bottom up and rinse from top down.

Corn Cob Blasting -

Corn blasting media is a light abrasive for the purpose of stripping, cleaning or removal of old finishes on most wood substrates. The media itself is actually made from corncobs that have been dried and ground to a specific size.

This media then placed into a pressure pot type-blasting machine and then it is blown through a specific sized nozzle onto the wood to remove the old finish. The process is very much like sandblasting, but much safer for the user and environment.

By using corn blasting media, there is no water or other chemicals used that may cause the wood substrate to "fuzz" or swell, thereby eliminating the need to sand the surface prior to applying your finish. Properly blasted substrates will have sort of a "velvet" look and will normally stain a little darker than smooth or planed surfaces. This velvet texture makes an excellent surface for the finish to adhere to, and will create a professional image for the entire home.

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After you've inspected all wood for deterioration and removed or restored any wood that is not structurally sound and used the right restoration products from Perma-Chink Systems, move to STEP 2.