Shell-Guard RTU

A penetrating Broad Spectrum Wood Preservative for the protection and treatment of wood decay and the following: 

  • Termites
  • Carpenters Ants
  • Wood Boring Beetles
  • Wood Deacay Fungi
  • Powderpost Beetles 
  • A preventative and remedial treatment
  • No measuring or mixing required
  • Deep Penetrating
  • Contains no ethylene glycol
  • EPA Registered
  • Colorless
  • Odorless
  • Quick Drying

Shell-Guard RTU is a ready-to-use borate-based formulation that contains the same active ingredient and glycol carriers that have proven so successful in Shell-Guard Concentrate.

Like Shell-Guard Concentrate, Shell-Guard RTU is colorless, odorless, has a very low level of toxicity to people and pets and is just as effective for preventing wood decay and insect damage to interior and exterior wood members. But since it is ready-to-use, you can pour it right out of the container into your sprayer without the fuss of measuring, mixing and stirring.

Besides its convenience, other advantages to Shell-Guard RTU include its stability and relatively quick drying time. Your logs will be ready to stain within one to three days after a Shell-Guard RTU application.

Use Shell-Guard RTU to prevent wood decay and insect damage to all interior and exterior wood.
Use Shell-Guard RTU to eliminate wood destroying insects and wood decay.

Shell-Guard® RTU is a formulation of boron compounds with additives that allow the active ingredient to penetrate throughout the wood. Shell-Guard RTU offers far greater wood protection than other preservatives that treat only the surface.

(Shell-Guard RTU is not available in California or Canada)

An application of Shell-Guard RTU is permanent as long as the wood remains protected with Lifeline stains.

Coverage Rate at 150-250 sq. ft. per gallon.  Application is incredibly easy.  WIth Shell-Guard RTU, you have two options for permanently treating wood.   Shell-Guard RTU is a liquid applied by spraying and brushing onto clean, bare wood.  Applied to all surfaces after construction and before finishing, Shell-Guard RTU easily penetrates and quickly protects.  Alternatively, you can drill and inject Shell-Guard into insect galleries and hotspots.

5 gal
(56 lb.)
$ 252.00
2 and 1/2 (29 lb.) $ 136.95

(12 lb.)
$ 97.95


Shelf Life
  • 1 Year
Application Temperature
  • 40o to 90o           
Application Methods
  • Low-pressure Sprayer
  • Fine-bristle Brush
Surface Preparation
  • Clean and Dry
  • Bare wood
  • Free of mold and mildew
  • Permanent in wood that is kept sealed
   # of Coats
  • 1 Coat application inside and outside
Drying Time
  • Dries in 1 to 3 days

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