M-Balm epoxy liquid penetrates deeply into porous, deteriorated, dried out or spongy wood, curing and hardening into a strong, water-resistant mass that includes both the original wood fibers and the epoxy mixture.

The more M-Balm used, the stronger the restored wood member will become.  It consolidates the decayed area in preparation for use with E-Wood.

Mix two parts M-Balm epoxy with one part hardener.
Mix only what can be applied in 30 minutes.

Apply to affected area with applicator squeeze bottle.
Repeat if necessary.

In extreme cases, drill holes into the decayed wood and pour liberally into the affected area.

Prices Effective September 15, 2014
24-oz.bottle (3 lb.) $ 46.00
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1.5-gallon pail (14 lb.) $ 191.25
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Epoxy Kit M-Balm & E-Wood 10 oz (1.5lb)
 $     32.50
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