Serving the Eastern United States  for over 20 years.  We are located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA near the NC/TN/SC area and are here to serve your log home needs.  We offer turn-key log home restoration services and top-quality products for your log home projects.   

Quality stains and finishes serve a vital role in the preservation and beauty of a log home. Most importantly, they prevent rainwater from soaking into logs while enhancing the natural beauty of wood grain. The protection doesn't stop here!

Our LifeLine stains and finishes stabilize wood by slowing the exchange of moisture between the wood and the surrounding environment. They also minimize weathering caused by damaging ultraviolet rays.

They prevent the absorption of interior household odors into the wood. They make it easier to clean and dust interior walls and ceilings.

The LIFELINE Protection System

The exterior finish of your home is your primary defense against damage caused by the elements. It's also the key to a beautiful home. Needless to say, you want your finish to be as attractive and durable as possible.

The LifeLine Protection System, a family of natural wood finish products, provides everything a finish should. LifeLine products are designed and formulated to keep wood looking natural over the long term. They form a thin film of protection at the surface of wood, which resists water, breathes to allow logs to dry and stabilize, and helps inhibit mold and mildew.

LifeLine products highlight wood grain and texture. Even after maintenance applications, they won't build up and hide wood grain like conventional stains.

LifeLine finishes are the best looking you'll find. They don't just stain your home; they distinguish it.

They're also easy to apply and maintain. Every LifeLine product is water-based, non-flammable and practically odorless. Your tools clean up easily with just soap and water. For maintenance, simply clean old surfaces and apply a fresh coat to weathered sides of the house.

The LifeLine family of stains and finishes provides the ultimate protection for your beautiful log home. 

 Perma Chink Top Quality Stain Selection

We also provide labor for Corn Cob Blasting or Media Blasting, applying Chinking, Caulking, Stain application, Preservative Application, Log Restoration and carry a full line of products for purchase for the do-it yourself. 

Please call today for more details on the products and services we offer at 336-325-9986 or E-Mail us for further information.

Thank You for your interests in our Services. We appreciate this opportunity to do business with you.

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