Log Sealants

Perma Chink offers a wide variety of log sealants to meet every need.  Perma Chink Log Home Sealant has been applied for over 30 years on log homes worldwide.   The longevity, appearance, performance and ease of application make it the best chinking available on the market today.  

Perma Chink seals open gaps between logs and on log on log chink style homes, eliminating heat loss and air infiltration.  With the look and feel of  traditional mortar yet maintaining a tight seal while expanding and contracting with the logs as offered by the pure acrylic flexible Perma Chink.

Energy Seal offers excellent adhesion and stretch movement with the milled or scribed logs, joinery, butt-joints, trim and corners it was designed for.  Energy Seal is UV-Stable and chemical resistant as well as long lasting.  Energy Seal is textured, not shiny and artificial looking giving it a professional appearance virtually disappearing into the log walls.   Energy Seal accepts the color of log home stains and wood finishes closely matching the log walls leaving a seamless appearance.

Energy Seal is easily applied by the homeowner or a professional contractor.   We offer all the accessories you will need to apply the Energy Seal yourself or our professional applicator can apply the products we sell for you, if you prefer.